Month in Review: September 2017


What I learned this month

September was a month of experimenting with a new kind of post: the how-to post. I'd written a good number of these before, but the practical activism series I ran was an attempt focus more on helping readers take political action. This content found its audience, but I have to say, more readers are still gravitating towards Femcyclopedia guides, interviews, and literary posts. It would delight me to think I was underestimating the value of "thinky" pieces, which I love to write, and that presenting feminist ideas is just as illuminating as publishing step-by-step guides. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


New Syndications & features

Thank you to everyone who amplified Writing on Glass content! Here are September's syndications, as well as related articles on feminism that I wrote for external outlets:

  • The Establishment"What can laughter do for social justice?"
  • Forbes"What do you learn at a feminist business school?"
  • Forbes"How to stop measuring your self-worth in KPIs
  • Code Like a Girl"Meet TeLisa Daughter, founder of Flytechnista"
  • Narratively"The five stirring stanzas that proved a poem can help end a war"
  • Fairygodboss: "How to write a business plan"


Books Mentioned in SEPTEMBER 2017: