Month in review: October 2017


What I learned this month

October has been both guilt- and learning-ridden. On the one hand, I didn't post on here as much as I did in August or September (cue the guilt). On the other hand, the reason I refrained was because I was so busy learning. October was filled with 2x a week writing workshops, hours reading Inferior to understand how pseudoscience impacts women's education (for an upcoming feature), conversations with feminist CEOs like Georgie Lee Hussey, and long planning sessions for the first Writing on Glass e-course. More on that soon, but I'll say this much: It seems likely that Writing on Glass will focus on serving the feminist creative community. All you strong and ambitious writers, artists, and entrepreneurs out there -- I see you! Thanks for following along. 


New Syndications & features

Thank you to everyone who amplified Writing on Glass content! Here are this month's related articles on feminism that I wrote for external outlets:

  • Forbes"How to think about money as a creative professional"
  • Forbes"When you see a female colleague crying at work, remember this"


Books & FILMS Mentioned in oCTOBER 2017: