Month in Review: August 2017


What I learned this month

Earlier in the spring, I wasn't sure if I could find a sustainable rhythm for writing and publishing new pieces on Writing on Glass. I'd start planning something, and then more headlines would hit about Trump's latest insults to the world. All the news sites would have their takes, and I'd wonder why I couldn't keep up and whether my "evergreen" articles on Audre Lorde would be worth anything to anyone. Meanwhile, emails would pile up from my consulting clients, I'd be on deadline for other freelance writing assignments, and I'd realize that I hadn't exercised in weeks...

This summer, something shifted. Maybe it was winnowing down my consulting work, or getting better at saying no, or starting to go to the gym a few times a week to clear my head. I realized that I didn't want to be tied to the news cycle. I wanted to create content that had staying power. When current events disturb me, I don't go to CNN to seek wisdom. I read books or look at art or listen to music or go to coffee with a friend whose perspective will change mine. That's how I think through messy topics like feminism. I want Writing on Glass to borrow from that ethos, to become more of a library of feminist interestingness than a newsreel. 

I'm not sure if I've succeeded with that, but I know I'm a lot closer than I was 2 months ago.

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