How I Found My First 3 Clients

When I started freelancing in 2016, I was terrified that nobody would want to work with me. I knew I had valuable skills to offer -- two years of management consulting made me confident in that -- but I had no idea what clients would be willing to pay me for. I also didn't know where freelancing opportunities in strategy and marketing actually came from. I saw my friends working on projects, but how did they find the gigs? 

It took me about nine months to learn how to snap my fingers and make clients appear. Two years later, and I know exactly where to look, who to email, and what to say when I'm trying to attract work. 

There's nothing like the security of knowing you'll have money when you want it, and I want you to have this privilege, too. So I decided to try something new: creating a 12-minute audio training on how to find your first three freelance clients. Download here, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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