Build a career on your terms.

Growth Strategy Intensive
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Growth Strategy Intensive

This six-week program consists of a 3-hour intensive strategy session to clarify your goals, set priorities, and formulate an action plan. Over 3 follow-up calls, we'll help you execute. The focus of this package is on business growth and sustainability. Let's minimize time-sucking tasks, play to your strengths, and build up a practice you want to scale.


By changing the way you do business, you have the power to redefine how business is done.

Feminist Business Refresh
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Feminist Business Refresh

Our flagship offering for creative women. In four sessions, we'll help you develop a growth strategy for your creative practice. Our first coaching call will be focused on your vision/strategy, the second on your systems/operations, the third on your sales/marketing, and the fourth on your finances and social impact. Why feminist? Because we draw on the wisdom of feminist scholars (Audre Lorde, bell hooks, and others) along the way!


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Meet Your Coach


I'm Stephanie. I help entrepreneurial women thrive in business without compromising their values or changing their personalities.

After studying literature at Harvard and living as an expat writer in bohemian Berlin, I moved to New York to work as a strategist for multi-billion dollar corporations. 

All the while, I felt like I had to choose between making money and feeling fulfilled.

Then I discovered feminism.

Why was it so damn hard to forge my own path?

When I embraced feminism, I found a century's worth of answers. (Who knew that Audre Lorde and bell hooks gave such good business advice?)

It turns out that feminism and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. Both pursuits encourage us to live and work on our terms. When we do this, we feel powerful. We give ourselves permission to take risks and experiment. We stop needing validation or worrying that we're doing the "wrong" thing.

This is the attitude that drives growth. Not just personal and creative growth, but financial growth, too. 

Sounds liberating, right? If you think so, please get in touch below. I can't wait to hear what you're up to and how I can help.